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“Walk by faith,not by sight”

My husband, Steve, has been walking each morning before it becomes too hot. In his walking he has used the time to talk and listen to the Lord. As he was walking last week he felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to close his eyes as he walked down the sidewalk. The scripture from 2 Corinthians 5:7, “For we walk by faith and not by sight.” came to his mind.

As he walked a short distance he became anxious about walking into the road or into the adjacent woods. He was tempted to open his eyes, as he did not feel safe. However, he kept walking and found that it became a little easier to stay on the path. He would slow down, find the edge of the sidewalk with his feet and then continue moving forward. He felt that God was helping him understand real trust through this simple exercise.

This morning I was home and was able to walk with him. It felt good to be able to share this time together. Soon we were talking about the Lord and about the lessons He is teaching us. Steve reminded me of the nudge he had last week to walk with his eyes closed. He asked me to give it a try.

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on the road’s direction, as it is road we walk regularly. Soon I felt frightened and unsure of my ability to stay on the path. I asked Steve to hold my hand as I walked. As soon as he took my hand all fear left me. I could have continued the entire walk like that, as I had complete trust in him. I knew he would not let any harm come to me. I experienced such a feeling of “Shalom” when I placed my hand in his, in spite of the fact that I was unable to see.

I wanted to share that feeling with Steve, so I asked him to close his eyes and walk as he had previously. He closed his eyes and began to walk down the road. He walked a few steps and then I asked him to take my hand. He said, “Not yet, I want to try on my own.” He took a few more steps and then he stepped off the road where there was a sharp incline. When he stepped off the edge of the road, he felt confused and frightened.

He continued to keep his eyes closed and just stood there. I asked him, “Don’t you think it is time to let me hold your hand?” He gave me his hand and I guided him back on the road. He said that the minute he placed his hand in mine all fear left him. He began to see that the Lord had a greater lesson for us than the one he had previously received. He knew now that “walking by faith and not by sight”, meant that when we can not see where we are going, we can trust the “One” who can, and place our hand in His with complete confidence that He will show us the way.

Shalom, Betty

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5 thoughts on ““Walk by faith,not by sight”

  1. Emma (Carroll) Stevens on said:

    This is a great story. My Pastor has talked alot lately about the complete trust we Have to give Our Jesus. Just put your hand in his and he will safely lead us on the path He intends us to take. Great Blog… Thanks

  2. Renee Freeman on said:

    How awesome to share such a personnel and loving experience .. thank you

  3. Davene Madsen on said:

    That is beautiful Betty! Thanks for sharing!

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