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Lost Dogs

Walking down the “road of life”, I often see people at the grocery store, at work or in my neighborhood. I see them, but I don’t really see “them”. Most people are fairly good actors and actresses, so you don’t always see what’s going on in their hearts and souls.

I hadn’t really thought much about this until awhile back. I was driving down a two-lane country road with my mind in sort of a thoughtful state. I looked a few hundred yards up the road and saw a small animal coming out of the woods. As I drew closer, I saw that it was a dirty, mutt of a dog, with its’ tongue panting wildly. What I noticed most was its’ eyes. They looked confused, lost and hungry. I slowed down and experienced worry and concern for this little animal in the midst of this barren strip of road. Compassion overwhelmed me. I knew there were houses and farms up and down this road, but concern for the dog caused me to whisper a prayer for its’ safe return home. I watch as it darted off the road.

When I finished praying, the thought came into my mind, “why don’t I have that kind of compassion and love for the people I encounter on the “highways of my life”? Is it because the dog was no threat to me, and I often feel threatened by people? Was it that the dog seemed totally helpless? Or possibly that it was easier to love a creature that wouldn’t reject my love? I don’t know. But I believe God was sending me a message and showing me the need to love and have compassion for those I pass on my busy “highways of life”.

Chances are they too are hungry, searching and longing to be home. Those I meet on a day-to-day basis may have lost their way. The “fleas” of this world may have tormented them beyond reason. Their “paws” may be bloody and torn from life’s rough road. I pray that I may look into their eyes and see their needs; and that I will take the time to share God’s Love in prayer and action on my own journey home.

Shalom, Steve

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