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The Warmth of the Master’s Door

In every neighborhood I’ve lived there have always been stray cats. I guess you have probably had your share of them too, as cats are very prolific and often abandoned.

Once we had a stray that started coming around. Betty asked me if I knew who owned him. My answer was no. She then commented that he looked hungry. I agreed, but then strays always look hungry. We fed him and after that he was always around. I believe that day he decided we were his “master”.

Betty began calling him Buddy. He was a big black and white mix, with an extra large head. Although he was a large cat, when he meowed it was very soft, not what you would expect from such a large Tom cat.

Each morning we fed him before we left for work. He would be waiting in the front yard by our lawn furniture. We would pour the food into a dish and each morning we would place it a little closer to us. He would venture closer, but not close enough for us to touch him. His fear was obvious.

As time went on we continued to show him our love by feeding him twice a day and talking gently to him. However, he was still afraid. His “master” wanted to hold and reassure him that he was safe, but he would have nothing to do with that.

Time passed and soon it was early winter and the temperature had dropped. We tried to get Buddy to come inside where it was warm, but he still didn’t trust us enough. With each passing night it became colder.

One morning I opened the door and there was Buddy asleep against the door. I startled him and he ran away. I realized that he was leaning on the door because it was warm. Buddy could have enjoyed the warmth of the “master’s” house. He could have slept on the “master’s” carpet. He could have laid at the foot of the “master’s” bed. But no, poor Buddy was so afraid that all he could do was receive the limited warmth from the “master’s” door.

Buddy was afraid because he did not fully know the “master”. He didn’t trust the “master”, even though the “master” sustained his life with food and water. I was like Buddy, not willing to enter into all God had for me and not trusting in His Love. I too, because of my lack of trust, was satisfied with just the warmth of the “Master’s” door.

I saw myself in Buddy and remembered the scripture, “Draw near unto God and He will draw near unto you”. And when He does, he swings His door wide open and all we have to do is walk in and receive all He has for us. It’s our choice. Do we lean on the “Master’s” door or lay on the “Master’s” bed?

Shalom, Steve

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