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“Please Don’t Feed The Animals!”

The sign at the zoo said, “Please Don’t Feed The Animals!”   Why?  Well, they require a special diet, of course and the zoo doesn’t want anyone losing a hand  while feeding the lions or getting an unwanted bear hug.

We, as Christians, are sometimes like caged animals when going through difficulties and not completely believing that  God will help us through that trial. God brought this thought to my mind not to long ago after going through many months of looking for work.  I had the overwhelming feeling of being stuck in one place and not able to get  out. That sounds like a cage doesn’t it, so now you know why I said, sometimes Christians are like caged animals….. Guess I felt trapped too.

Later that same week I received a phone message on my answer machine. ” Steve”, the voice said, “I have a few suggestions that might help you in looking for work”.

WHAT SUGGESTIONS???  I’d been on the computer daily!  I had a stack of resumes about 1 inch thick, which I had sent out and I had followed up on every lead I had been given! What more could I do?

I guess I sounded like I was growling a bit, didn’t I?  But deep within I realized that I needed a little help and this friendly voice was encouraging. This person who called  disregarded the sign that read, “Please Don’t Feed The Animals!”. Why did she take a chance reaching into my “cage”?  In all my frustration I might have “bitten” her badly, but the Holy Spirit boldly gave her the confidence to call anyway.

Thank you Lord for those who unselfishly reach out to others and put themselves in a vulnerable place of possible rejection. Lord, I thank you for those who risk it all and  “”Do Feed The Animals!”




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