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Me and Jesus Time

Tomorrow Steve and I, along with about 30 other team members, begin a Kairos Prison Ministry weekend at Lowell CI in Marion County, Florida.  Prison Ministry is one that reaches out to those who many times feel that they are unworthy of love. Our purpose in Kairos is to help them see that as an untrue statement. As I said, there are about 30 of us going inside, but there is a multitude of volunteers on the outside who have made this weekend happen, through prayer and financial support. These  people in the background are as important to the life of Kairos, as those of us going inside.

Recently God had me take a year and a half  sabbatical from active ministry. He called me to be one of those in the background. It was a special time.  But, it was a time that was misunderstood by some. There were those who thought something was wrong with my spiritual life, as I was always “busy for the Lord”. I had one sweet friend ask me, “So what exciting thing are you doing for the Lord now?”  I answered, “Sitting at the feet of Jesus.” I have to laugh remembering the look she gave me.

Last weekend I had an opportunity to spend some time with my mother and in the course of our conversation she shared with me a profound revelation that totally explained where God had me this last 18 months.

In my Mom’s neighbors’ yard there is a very large oak tree. This past winter she was sitting on her front porch looking at this tree barren of all foliage. She begin to think about how this tree is home to the birds and squirrels and how it provides shade to the neighbors’ home. She thought of how this tree gives so much of itself throughout most of the year, but during the winter it appears to be useless. Then God begin to show her the importance of this time in this oaks’ life.

During the winter this tree took time for itself. It gave nothing, but it took in much in preparation for the time when it would again be called on to provide housing, food and shade.  Without this special time the tree would be unprepared to take care of the needs of those who depended upon it for so much.

We are like that tree. We too need to take time for ourselves;  time where it is just us and Jesus. If we are always giving out, soon we will have nothing to give. Unfortunately, we Christians often equate following Jesus with doing ” stuff “for him, but sometimes following him means “sitting at his feet”.

After my time of “sitting at his feet”, I’m ready to actively share again. But if you seeing me lagging behind, don’t worry, I’m just having some me and Jesus time.


Shalom, Betty



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