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Deaf To The Noise Of The World

From my earliest recollection, my maternal grandfather was deaf…..not just slightly, but stone-deaf…or I think that is how it is said. When ever anyone wanted to speak to Granddaddy they had to yell. That is how he and Granny always communicated. As a little girl, I thought my Granny had the loudest voice of anyone around, but as I got older I realized Granddaddy was deaf. I never thought much about how Granddaddy’s world must have sounded to him or about how much he missed, until recently.

Two days after Christmas I woke up with sinus pain, an ear ache and felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. In addition to the ear ache, my ears were so clogged that I could barely hear. I felt like I was in a vacuum and unless my husband was close to me… well as facing me, I could not hear his voice. Thirteen days later, after seeing the doctor, being on an antibiotic and nasal spray, plus many, many prayers, I could still barely hear. Talk about frustration. So this was my Granddaddy’s world.

While waiting for my hearing to return, I’ve thought a lot of how much time I spend listening to stuff…..unnecessary stuff. Not my granddaughter’s sweet voices, or my husband saying hello, as I pick up the phone or any of the other myriad voices that make my life complete, but stuff that just crowds my mind, not allowing room for the things God is trying to teach me. I was reminded during this time of how Jesus pulled away from the crowd and all it’s noise (1) and how scripture reminds us to “separate” ourselves from unholy things(2).

I’ve decided that separating oneself from the worlds’ noise is a good thing and something that I need to regularly put into practice. I’ve discovered that when you can’t hear the noise of the world, it is easier to hear the Voice of God.

Since the 27th of December I have been forced to pull away, because of my inability to hear, but I wonder if, as my hearing returns, will I remember this lesson or be drawn back in to the “crowd and it’s noise”. Jesus says. “Come away with me.” I hear His voice so clearly.

I wonder if when Granddaddy had that sweet smile on his face, as he so often did, was he hearing the Voice of God?

Shalom……. Betty

(1) Matthew 14:22,23

(2) 2 Corinthians 6:17

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